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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BIG SAVE Specials~ Clearance

 From left: U1 cream, U1 oren, U1 hijau, U5 navy, U5 kuning, U5 merah, U6 pink

 From left: U8 maroon, U11 kuning, U11 merah, U11 turqis, U15 merah, U17 navy, U18 oren, U18 navy

 From left: U18 pink, U19 ungu, U21 toska, U21 ungu, U23 navy, U23 bata, U24 hijau


From left: UT01 purple, UT02 hijau, UT02 bata, UT03 pink, UT04 misty, UT05 pink, UT06 turqis, UT06 pink

From left: UT07 merah, UT07 hitam, UT08 maroon, UT08 purple, UT09 tosca, UT09 misty, UT10 peach

From left: UT10 hijau, UT11 turqis, UT11 bata, UT12 peach, UT13 putih, UT13 tosca