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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March to April BIG SAVE :)

Enjoy our latest promotion. Happy shopping ! :)

Ukhti New Price for 2011


Dear customers & wholesalers,
Due to the change of prices by Ukhti, we have released the new price of Ukhti products to you. We have enclosed our new price list for your review which goes into effect on 1st of March 2011.

We wish to thank you for your valued account and know that you will understand the necessity for this action.

Yours very truly,

From left:
Above: U12 bata, U12 hitam, U29 hitam, U29 ungu, U30 khaki, U30 hijau, U31 maroon, U31 navy, U33 navy 
Below: U34 maroon, U34 pink. U35 maroon, U36 turqis, U37 ungu, U39 broken white, U39 bata, U40 navy

From left:
Above: U41 hijau, U41 maroon, U42 ungu, U43 navy, U44 broken white, U44 pink, U47 ungu, U49 navy
Below: U50 bata, U50 hitam, U51 coklat, U51 hijau, U52 turqis, U53 coklat, U54 coklat, U54 hijau

From left:
Above: U55 coklat, U55 ungu, U56 ungu, U57 putih, U58 hijau, U59 hitam, U60 bata, U60 hijau
Below: U61 ungu, U62 turqis, U63 tosca, U63 turqis, U64 army, U65 ungu, U66 turrqis  

From left:
Above: U67 broken white, U67 coklat, U68 ungu, U69 pink, U70 coklat, U70 hijau, U70 putih, U71 hitam
Below: U72 ungu, U73 ungu, U74 coklat, U75 hitam, U76 kuning, U77 navy, U78 hijau, U79 maroon