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About Us

Assalamualaykum everyone..
My Lovely Muslimah is an online shop for Muslimah, bringing you a wide range of Muslimah T-shirts & skirts. Our t-shirts & skirts can be worn to work, school, parties, around the home – anywhere you want!
Here, you can also find t-shirts & muslimah soft dolls for your little muslimah.
Our aim, insyaAllah to see more Muslimah dress beautifully but at the same time observing the true Islamic dress code. We endeavour to bring the best service for you and at the same time benefit the ummah.
We hope you will enjoy browsing our weblog and thank you for showing your interest in our products.
May He guide us all.
If you have further inquiries regarding our products, you can email it to :
or contact me directly at: +60192779776.